"One of the most transformational experiences in 2022 and beyond. Claire is a thoughtful and compassionate therapist. Her unique approach to emotional healing is the most effective form of therapy I've ever tried! The weekly journaling prompts and exercises, coupled with the 1:1 sessions, were a safe space for reflection, emotional processing, personal growth, and acceptance. 10/10 would recommend this journey to anyone tackling winter blues (all year long), especially if you've tried other forms of therapy with little "success/relief".

 - Dima, Berlin

"Winter Remedy was a brilliant tool for navigating a famously difficult part of the year. Claire was responsive and knowledgeable, sharing tools and tips for reframing the Winter period, and using it for some meaningful self reflection. I loved the group calls, and had some really interesting chats with my fellow course-doers. The 1-2-1 sessions were also incredibly grounding: Claire is a natural and has such a gift for the therapy she provides. I have continued using the tools she’s given me, and am even looking forward to settling into the hibernation season, doing work on myself, and enjoying the restfulness of the darker months. Highly recommend!" 

 - Lucy, Writer, London

"Though being pragmatic by nature and doubtful about alternative therapies, I loved Winter Remedy.

- Manon, Berlin

"Working with Claire has been a simultaneously grounding and uplifting experience. As a therapist, Claire is always patient and generous with her time and communication. The Winter Remedy program made me feel like I had a team supporting me through the darkest winter months in Berlin. Our chats, the thoughtful journal prompts, group meet-ups, and individual sessions bolstered my inner calm and helped me combat the feelings of isolation that winter typically brings. As someone who has struggled with chronic health issues and appreciates movement-based practices, the somatic nature of EFT therapy has been central to my emotional healing journey. Claire helps me bring awareness to my body and the ways in which it responds to life's turbulence, which allows those emotions to move through me with mindfulness and loving kindness. Thank you, Claire! look forward to continuing to work with you."

 - Emilie, Berlin.

"Though being pragmatic by nature and doubtful about alternative therapies, I loved Winter Remedy. In addition to journal prompts and weekly tasks, I found the 1:1 EFT sessions particularly effective to improve my mood. Claire is kind and warm, and all-around a wonderful therapist. She makes you feel seen and heard in each session, and she gives you the strength to carry out your self-care journey. I recommend it to anyone who needs a little help fighting off seasonal blues and pampering their soul." 

 - Manon, Artist, Berlin

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