Our beliefs about ourselves influence how we see the world around us. Are you ready to update the programs running in your mind?


I support my clients to explore their values and find out what is deeply important to them. 
Together we identify your needs and build self-care routines and strategies to keep you connected to your values and getting what you need and want from life. 

I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and somatic body movement which are types of tension-releasing therapy, to reset your nervous system.
To actively shake off any of the existing unconscious programming, dogma and self-limiting beliefs that you have picked up going through life. 


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 

A quick example video of what the technique looks like and where the meridian points we tap on are. When we do this together you will tap on yourself and I will guide you through the sequence. This can be done both in person or over zoom.

Somatic Body Movement

A quick video example of the expressive movements that can aid to release any remaining tension from your body following a round of EFT tapping. Somatic body shaking and moving is the ultimate release. It encourages you to be fully present with how you feel and express yourself fully!


"Do I live my life according to my own deepest truths, or in order to fulfil someone else’s expectations? How much of what I have believed and done is actually my own?"
- Gabor Maté, When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress

Unhooking any internalised shame from your mind and body, opens you up to a wider reality. It brings in new opportunities to choose yourself and go after the fun things in life that you may have thought were out of reach. 

EFT is a set of extremely effective therapeutic tools used to help people to process and heal their traumas. It helps to overcome perceived limitations and heal emotional and physical blocks that may be keeping you from connecting with your values, trusting yourself and living the life that you want to live.

Using the meridian system as seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine paired with talk therapy, regression and hypnosis.

These sessions can take place in person or over zoom.

I hold a safe and nourishing space for you to process the ups and downs of life. To break through any limiting core beliefs, illusions and shame that may be holding you back.

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About Me

I am Claire, I am a certified EFT tapping practitioner and Portrait Photographer from Scotland. 

I have always been an empathetic observer, captivated by the idea of making the invisible visible. This began with using photography as a means to explore emotion and my EFT studies took that to a brand new level.

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