Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions

How can I book your services?

For EFT Sessions you can book a free Discovery Call here

For 'Your Body: A Landscape' you can visit the page by clicking here and and you can apply by booking a video call here.

Do you offer healing sessions 1:1 EFT without photography?

I certainly do! See my page EFT

Do you offer sessions in person or online?

Most of my 1:1 sessions happen online as it is usually most convenient for my clients both in Berlin and International to fit into schedules but on special request I am able to do 1:1 EFT sessions in person.

All Portrait Photography sessions are done in real-life in nature. 

What is your protocol with nude photography?

I have a lot of experience working with nude bodies in an artistic sense. Consent is key, at each stage of our portrait session the client or I can pause the shoot if they need a break or end the shoot if they feel uncomfortable. Clients are encouraged to bring a robe with them or something easy and warm to put on when we take a pause. I have a separate document of guidelines to share with clients if they wish to be nude during our shoot. 

Is your work accessible for the LGBTQ+ community?

Absolutely, people are welcome to participate in my offerings regardless of their gender identity or sexuality.

To those in Marginalised Communities:

I see you, and you are very welcome here. 

What kind of situations do you not deal with?

If somebody is needing SOS emergency help for a current mental health crisis I have a list of charities and help lines for Germany and the UK which you can access by clicking here.
I work with the integration and healing of trauma that has already happened rather than immediate emergencies. 

If I have a discovery call with a potential client and their needs and values don't align with my particular offerings, I have a referral list of therapists and coaches that I trust who might be able to offer them an alternative solution. 

Do you photograph events/ weddings?

I don't photograph weddings or events on request but I am developing an offer for retreats! If you are hosting a healing retreat and want a photographer and facilitator please reach out! 
Lets chat!

How much do you charge?

That depends on the offering 

Do you offer boudoir photography?

I offer space for people to explore their sexuality and sensuality while working with photography but I do not take photos that have the intension of pleasing anyone external to my client.

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