Winter Wellness: Emotional Support & Nourishment

Are your self-care routines and healthy habits often neglected as the days grow darker?

If this sounds familiar, Winter Remedy could be for you

Winter Remedy serves as your essential companion for navigating the challenges of the winter season, offering support for both your physical and emotional well-being

Introducing Winter Remedy,

An 8-week online support program commencing on February 1st and concluding on March 28th. It aims to provide a gentle and nurturing transition through the toughest stretch of winter, seamlessly guiding you into the upcoming warmth of spring.

Throughout these 8 weeks, you'll benefit from:

- Engaging weekly group calls 
- An interactive eBook workbook, allowing you to input your responses directly, featuring weekly journal prompts and manageable self-care assignments designed to help you establish revitalising routines.
- Access to our group Telegram channel for continuous community connection and support.

An optional additional feature: Winter Remedy participants will also receive a discount with 1:1 support while within the container.

Elevate your winter experience, embracing the coldness while maintaining your emotional well-being and vitality. Seize the opportunity by signing up for Winter Remedy!

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400€ Early bird offer until January 1st 2024

What birthed this program?

Handling the colder months and managing my own emotional well-being during this time has been one of the most significant hurdles in my personal journey.

When I delved into the study of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), one of my primary goals was to understand how to tackle those seasonal blues. Initially, it was for my own benefit, and I later shared these strategies with friends. Eventually, I applied these insights to our very first Winter Remedy group in 2021, guiding participants through their own inner struggles during the darker months and helping them break free from that repetitive cycle. 

This course draws heavily from personal experiences, a lot of experimentation, and a touch of playfulness. It's about discovering methods that genuinely make a lasting impact on your emotional well-being, fostering self-acceptance, and finding harmony with the changing seasons.

I consider it a privilege to share what I've discovered firsthand and assist you in crafting your own self-care routines.

Embrace the upcoming winter season with confidence 

Join us in Winter Remedy and discover the keys to nurturing your emotional well-being.
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The group will be a small online community with a maximum of 10 people so that everyone gets a chance to share and feel seen and supported on their journey.

You are welcome to join from anywhere in the world.


Every Thursday during the eight weeks at 19:00 CET (Central European Time) we will meet as a group on zoom. 

We will check in together and share how the journey is going. We will do some tapping together which is a really potent way to shift the energy that the group feel as a collective. Transforming winter blues into empowerment and motivation. 


You will receive the Winter Remedy eBook, which is a PDF workbook that you can type directly into for your weekly journal prompts, harvest wisdom from self-care tasks and acquire knowledge on how to sustain your sense of vitality in the heart of winter.


We will have a group Telegram channel where each member is encouraged to share what is coming up for them during the journey. Using this space to celebrate every little success during the process as well as receive support from peers between calls.  

Early bird offer:

400€ until January 1st 2024

Why not surprise a loved one with Winter Remedy as a Christmas gift?

Financial Commitment

Early bird offer: 400€ until January 1st 2024

The total cost, which includes all the features mentioned above in full, is 600€ if you enrol after January 1st 2024
You can enrol at any time and put down a deposit to hold your pace for when we begin in February. 
You will receive your course materials on the first of February.

For individuals seeking to delve deeper into their healing journey, I am extending a special offer: additional 1:1 sessions at a rate of 75€ (usually priced at 160€), exclusively available to Winter Remedy participants.

Ready to embrace the opportunities this winter has to offer? 

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Some words from those who did Winter Remedy in the past

"Winter Remedy was a brilliant tool for navigating a famously difficult part of the year. Claire was responsive and knowledgeable, sharing tools and tips for reframing the Winter period, and using it for some meaningful self reflection. I loved the group calls, and had some really interesting chats with my fellow course-doers. The 1-2-1 sessions were also incredibly grounding: Claire is a natural and has such a gift for the therapy she provides. I have continued using the tools she’s given me, and am even looking forward to settling into the hibernation season, doing work on myself, and enjoying the restfulness of the darker months. Highly recommend!"
- Lucy, Writer, London

"Though being pragmatic by nature and doubtful about alternative therapies, I loved Winter Remedy. In addition to journal prompts and weekly tasks, I found the 1:1 EFT sessions particularly effective to improve my mood. Claire is kind and warm, and all-around a wonderful therapist. She makes you feel seen and heard in each session, and she gives you the strength to carry out your self-care journey. I recommend it to anyone who needs a little help fighting off seasonal blues and pampering their soul."
- Manon, Artist, Berlin

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