I come from a small town in south-west Scotland. I am a certified EFT Tapping Practitioner and a Portrait Photographer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

I have always been an empathetic observer, captivated by the idea of making the invisible visible. This began with using photography as a means to explore emotion and my EFT studies took that to a brand new level. I have a BA in Photography and I have worked as a photographer since my mid teens. Having a camera in my hand and a deep intrigue for humans, exploring various realities and points of view has been my natural state of being for most of my life. I have been taking EFT clients since the pandemic, which was a moment when I knew the world needed more people able to manage the emotional load.

As a student of Marina Abramović Institute, I worked with endurance performance art. This helped me to gain a deep understanding of my own body and build a strong foundation in which to hold space as a practitioner.

The mediums I use in my practice include:

EFT (emotional freedom techniques), Somatic Body Movement, using the body as an artistic medium, audio recording, photography and film making.

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Speaking at Bodywork Bazaar Berlin, festival at Holzmarkt 25 in Berlin in May 2023. 

Sharing the launch of 'Portrait Therapy' 

Photo by  German Palomeque

It is my mission to help my clients find peace, 

to break free from the challenges of their past, 

and nurture a future filled with joy and hope.

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Some things I can't get enough of

  • Seasonal eating 
  • Warm cups of tea
  • Listening to my body 
  • Resting as much as needed
  • The concept of 'Slowing down to speed up'
  • Wabi-sabi as a lifestyle
  • Being in nature
  • Flow state
  • Stream of consciousness drawing and writing. 
  • Quiet personal rituals 
  • Hearty dinners with friends
  • Big empty museum rooms in the winter (so much space to think)
  • Exhibition openings 
  • Meeting new people and going on spontaneous adventures
  • Trusting the process

Me with my dear friend and soul collaborator Nadia at the beach, working on some content for Portrait Therapy. We live to deconstruct the boundaries between work and play. A paradigm shift that I am grateful to be living at the cutting edge of. 

Who else is ready to make play a productive and viable lifestyle? 


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Certified EFT Practitioner @ EFT International, Berlin Based

'In The Flesh' Somatic Photography course by Allie Monday 'Ladygroove'
Feb-March 2023

Model @ EVERYDAY PEOPLE Agency Köln (Booking base Berlin)

Freelance Photographer/Film Maker, Berlin-based

In-house Creative - LAIA'S Organic CBD and Proteinhanf, Berlin

'Cleaning The House' workshop Marina Abramović Institute MAI
October 2019

Photography Teacher - North Lanarkshire Council, Glasgow

Freelance photographer - Glasgow Based

Camera Operator - National Theatre of Scotland 

'Women making it' Project - Glasgow Women's Library 

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